Taking Charge of Strong Emotions Starts Here

It’s time to wrestle your problems to the ground.

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Taking Charge of Strong Emotions Starts Here

It’s time to wrestle your problems to the ground.

Suzette Bray

I Help People Keep EmotionsFrom Taking Over

I have spent 25 years teaching valuable techniques to manage difficult emotions. As a licensed therapist, teacher and CEU facilitator, I have worked with thousands of clients and clinicians to wrestle emotional dysregulation to the ground. Strong emotions are NO LONGER the enemy; I am here to assist you in your journey towards helping yourself or others overcome emotional dysregulation. If you are ready to learn, apply or teach the frameworks that can improve mental health, I can coach you on strategies to develop mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation and interpersonal effectiveness.

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Get from Here to There With the Right Strategy


Clinician Training

Benefit from an experienced consultant who can look over your programs and teach you valuable principles for emotional regulation management.
CEU Courses

CEU Courses

My experience is your gain. Learn from on-demand courses in the areas of DBT and emotional regulation.

DBT Professional Speaker

Sharing what I’ve learned in over 25 years of practicing mental health and emotional regulation.
Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

You can learn to overcome strong emotions with the right toolkit. There is always room to better understand your emotions and take control of these in your daily life.

Your Emotions and You A Workbook

As a therapist with years of experience behind me, particularly with teaching my clients mindfulness, distress, and tolerance, I’m not going to nod, smile, and tell you what you want to hear. Deep change can be uncomfortable, and it takes working through the trauma, difficulties, and obstacles in your present and past day by day to make progress.

I’m all about looking at the big picture and then breaking things down into smaller, actionable steps. My years in therapy have taught me that above all, top performers have what it takes; they just need a push in the right direction to make it where they want to be.


DBT Explained An Introduction to Essential Dialectical Behavior Therapy Concepts, Practices, and Skills

DBT can help you regulate your emotions and build a life that aligns with your values and goals. This book offers an accessible introduction to the core concepts and practices of DBT, breaking it down into smaller, easier-to-grasp components that make it more manageable to learn and incorporate into your life.

I Help People Keep Emotions from Taking Over

Build Distress Tolerance for Difficult Times

Get a Grip on Emotional Dysregulation

Continuing Education Courses for Clinicians

Overcome Strong Emotions Within Yourself or Others

Become a Master in Emotional Regulation

Prioritize Mental Health

On-Demand Learning for Clients and Clinicians

Get Informed, Use the Principals, Overcome Difficult Emotions

Empower Your Practice With an Experienced Consultant


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