Are You Interested in DBT Training?

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Suzette Bray Offers DBT Training, Supervision, and Consultation for Professionals!

DBT is a form of therapy used widely throughout the counseling industry. If you are a clinician who wants to implement this type of therapy in your practice or learn more about it, Suzette Bray LMFT offers DBT training, supervision, and consultations.

Are You Interested in DBT Training?

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Here are a few things Suzette can help you with:

  • Provide training and resources to increase your ability to implement DBT principles within your practice
  • Create the right DBT solutions structured to your unique clinic
  • Maximize the chances of providing healthy, effective DBT therapy for your clients

With over 20 years of experience in the DBT field, Suzette has trained over 5,000 therapists throughout the U.S. Call now to learn more!

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