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“Good material. Good presenter. Good PowerPoint.”

“I enjoyed stories that accentuated learning – real world situations and application of the techniques is always helpful.”

“Very professional learning materials.”

“The presentation was clear and easy to follow. The presenter was alert and had a very positive and easy going manner.”

“I appreciated more guidance on the application of these tools. I have seen and read about these many times, but they feel more accessible after walking through them during this training.”

“Suzy is a wealth of knowledge and very relatable. Great training.”

“This instructor was excellent. She demonstrated the principles and techniques very well. Her presentation was organized and well thought-out. The participants’ questions were answered and elaborated if necessary. Thank you for this informative, enjoyable, and useful workshop.”

“I liked the concrete examples provided.”

“I thought “Riding Out Crisis: Helping clients get through bad situations without making them worse” was an informative and practical course. I found the presenter to be very personable and professional, as well as experienced and knowledgeable with DBT, emotional regulation and distress tolerance skills.”

“Great info on distress tolerance skills with helpful examples. I loved the comprehensive crisis survival toolkit.”

“Wonderful presentation. So useful to a variety of issues. I appreciated there was time allowed for questions at the end of training.”

“Outstanding presentation! I’m very grateful for the skillsets presented, the discussion of integrating the “three states of mind”, and the overall summary discussing the “big goal in mind”, referencing the importance of sitting with your emotions. Excellent, insightful comments by instructor! Thank you so very much. It was well worth the time!!!”

“It was an informative and useful workshop. Time well spent. I have already utilized some of the information in my sessions. I enjoyed all of the concrete examples of how to put the information into practice. Thank you.”

“Very concise and useful presentation.  The materials provided were very useful.”

“Good. User friendly. Plenty of time for questions. We finished a tad early!”

“Loved it! So clear and easy to understand. Thank you so much for making these principles accessible.”

“I loved the way it was taught. Accessible, clear and interesting presentation.”