Emotional Regulation and Self-Awareness: Use PLEAT

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Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your emotions, reacting impulsively in every situation instead of thoughtfully reflecting and deliberating your actions? If the answer is yes, then you’re not alone. This is a common hurdle that many people face. However, through emotional regulation and the cultivation of self-awareness, you can learn to respond reflectively, rather than reflexively – effectively enhancing your decision-making process and promoting a more mindful lifestyle.

Emotional Regulation and Self-Awareness: Use PLEAT

Emotional regulation is a valued skill that calls for a deep-rooted understanding of our emotions. It pushes us to explore how our experiences mold our feelings. The path to self-awareness facilitates reflective responses over reflexive ones.

Ever notice how your leg involuntarily jumps when the doctor taps your knee with a tiny rubber hammer? That’s a reflex. These automatic responses are essential for survival, but their relentless application in everyday life—be it the supermarket, the office, or the classroom—can breed conflict and misunderstanding.

Let’s face it; a majority of our days aren’t fraught with life-threatening circumstances; we don’t have to constantly defend ourselves from wild beasts or Sith lords. Instead, we should take a moment to process the situation and our emotional response to it. This way, we can make decisions that align with our immediate and long-term aspirations.

Let’s break it down into a simple 5-step process. You can remember it by using the acronym PLEAT:

  1. Pause. Allow yourself a moment of contemplation.
  2. Look inward. Acknowledge the emotion you’re experiencing.
  3. Assess. Is the emotion warranted given the situation?
  4. Evaluate. Would acting on this emotion right now be beneficial?
  5. Take Action. Respond based on your considerations.

By embracing this approach, you essentially shift gears from reacting impulsively to responding thoughtfully. It can prove immensely beneficial, particularly in situations where you feel you could have responded more effectively. Engaging in the PLEAT steps allows you to navigate through them, enabling you to enhance your future responses with greater efficacy.

The journey to emotional regulation and self-awareness might seem challenging, but the rewards are profound. You’ll improve your decision-making capabilities, promote emotional health, and cultivate mindfulness. So, let’s embark on this journey to emotional mastery together and create a life of awareness, reflection, and thoughtful action.

For your Free PLEAT worksheet, click here.