DBT for Anxiety, California

Learn how to interact with your environment in a healthy, productive way.

Anxiety can be an all-consuming mental illness. When the body is in a constant state of “fight or flight,” it’s harder or even near impossible to maintain productivity at work or at home, invest in relationships, and even handle basic, daily tasks.

DBT for Anxiety in California

Typically, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the first approach therapists use for treating anxiety. But this form of mental health therapy isn’t foolproof, and it’s not successful for everyone. An alternative treatment for anxiety, dialectical behavior therapy is a beneficial option, especially for those who struggle with emotional dysregulation.

Simply put, dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) helps people with this mental health condition learn how to interact with their environment in productive, healthier, and less emotional ways. As a therapist with over 25 years of experience behind me, I know that DBT for anxiety is a powerful way to help those with emotional dysregulation overcome and manage the difficulties of anxiety in their daily lives.

As a teacher, facilitator, and therapist in California, I’ve spent years teaching others about DBT for anxiety, as well as using it within my own work as a mental health professional. If you’re ready to learn, I can teach you frameworks designed to improve mental health, build distress tolerance, develop mindfulness, and ultimately help your patients manage their anxiety with effective DBT techniques.

Helping your clients overcome strong emotions and the difficulties anxiety presents is possible with the right toolkit. Learn more about DBT for anxiety, what it involves, and how you can effectively implement it in your sessions by contacting me, Suzette Bray LMFT, today.

I offer DBT for anxiety to clients in Studio City, Burbank, Brentwood, Los Feliz, and the rest of California, as well as Arizona and Florida.