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Suzette offers training to those who want to fine-tune their understanding of DBT.

Every therapist knows that continuing education is key to refining their skills and enhancing the level of help they provide to their patients. Suzette Bray is an experienced, well-known therapist with over 20 years of clinical experience. She offers trainings to clinicians and organizations looking to either learn or fine-tune their understanding of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. The consultations and trainings she provides cover topics like DBT treatment, DBT principles, and program development/implementation.

Consultations in California

The training, supervision, and consultations Suzette provides focus on helping therapists increase their ability to implement DBT. Suzette founded and operated a counseling and wellness DBT practice for many years and is the author of DBT Explained: An Introduction to Essential Dialectical Behavior Therapy Concepts, Practices, and Skills.

Currently, Suzette offers consultations to individual practitioners, small groups, community-based programs, and other treatment settings in California. She is passionate about training clinicians in DBT and bringing more evidence-based care to the mental health field.

Suzette provides training and consultations to practitioners and mental health organizations throughout the U.S. Whether you are an individual practitioner looking for resources or a therapy group interested in refining the skills of the therapists on your team, Suzette can provide targeted, effective training and support.

If you are interested in learning more about training, consultation, and supervision, contact Suzette at the practice of Suzette Bray LMFT.

I serve therapists and clients in Studio City, Burbank, Brentwood, Los Feliz, and the rest of California, as well as Arizona and Florida.


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